Eric Peters

Eric Peters
Famous quote: “I’ve been in this band since it started and in no way is that depressing”

Stemming from an unbridled love for music (and more specifically The Beatles), Eric decided that being a part of a band was a good idea and formed what is now known as Boogie & the Yo-Yo’z. (At one point we were called Yogi & the Boo- Booz, but that’s a whole other story involving lawyers)

Eric is married to his beautiful wife Amanda and has two wonderful children, Ethan & Olivia. All of whom are incredibly understanding when it comes time for late nights and long weekends. Like the rest of his band mates, Eric has a regular, full-time job. He has been a residential home designer (architect) for over 12 years and would love to design your next home…..(Call me, we’ll do lunch)

One thing is for certain, Eric is incredibly grateful to be a part of something like “Boogie”. Not only does he get to play with a group of talented musicians, they are also his closest friends. “Say what you will about playing other peoples music, but being in a band that people enjoy seeing and having the ability to spread fun is the greatest feeling of all!!!!!”